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People in Pain are turning to Gentle Yoga

This could be your sort of Yoga if you have been in pain for way too long!  Enquire  about  my Gentle Yoga for Persistent Pain class.  Research shows that gentle, careful movement and meditation can help to retrain the neural pathways of pain response in the brain. Contact Pam regarding specialised Pain Care classes and private consultations.



Good news! I offer occasional Workshops -  the perfect workshop to enjoy on a Sunday morning!

Resilience Yoga and Self-care: the perfect combo for restoring balance and relaxing!


We will practice slow mindful Yoga for mental resilience and healthy bones + self-care and self-massage to release tension 

= Perfect Workshop for nourishment and balance


You will learn skills for staying strong, vibrant and calm. 


Pam Bleakley will offer

    Slow mindful Yoga asana, with a version to suit your individual needs, pranayama, and iRest Yoga Nidra meditation to foster interior awareness. This path of practice trains mental resilience, reduces inflammation and improves self-regulation.  

Elizabeth Hall will present

    Benefits of self-care, with a focus on some easy self-massage and acupressure techniques to help reduce stress and improve sleep.


Date: Sunday 24th March, 9.00am – 1.00pm     Morning tea will be provided. Please bring your mat and a blanket

Venue: Vitalyoga Studio, Chifley

Fee: $80  Concessions $75     

Contact Pam: pam@vitalyoga.com.au    0427 810 335 

Bookings essential. 


Pam  - Teacher at vitalyoga for 18 years & Yoga for Pain Care       

Elizabeth - Revitalises with therapeutic massage & self-care 

Come to the Workshop to grow in clarity, strength, wisdom and peace


What my students say:

'Pam is both a pragmatic and an inspirational teacher, with a deep understanding of physiology. After doing her classes, I am far more flexible, strong and balanced, both physically and mentally. She has taught me valuable meditation skills, and after practicing meditation I am better able to stay calm in difficult situations, as well as being more aware of my life’s purpose.'

Katie Mills Aug 2018


I was so thankful recently for my yoga practice when I was in hospital in Cambodia with a broken elbow. The medical care I received was excellent, but it was my breathing practice that kept me calm, and my core strength developed over many years with our wonderful teacher Pam that enabled me to successfully come through a challenging situation.

Lyn Eiszele Feb 2019






Thank you for a wonderful year of yoga, it lifts me up in the middle of the working week, it opens my spine and my mind and it’s always good to enjoy a class and catch up with my yoga friends. D M


RR: I realize now I have way more control over my pain than I thought I had!

What a breakthrough!


Like a copy of my eBook 'Gentle Seated Yoga - recovery practices after illness or injury' ?

Click here to order for $15  OR IT IS FREE WHEN YOU BOOK FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS!

Gentle movement and breathwork - 15 pages with photographs to illustrate.  When combined with

breath awareness and focus, these practices can help restore moblity, energy and peace of mind. 






vitalyoga with Pam Bleakley 


Join me for Hatha yoga in my Chifley studio, in  general classes or in recovery classes.  Choose which suits you best.  Look forward to vitality, wellbeing and peace of mind into your mature age.


  • take charge of your wellbeing! Slow mindful Yoga enhances our awareness to appreciate life, to relax, revitalise the body, improve our mood, to feel grateful and connected to our spiritual selves, and to build resilience. Join the Resilience Revolution.

  • my teaching focuses on slow, mindful movement to build  strength and resilience for body and mind.  Resilience is the ability to move through life and deal with whatever it dishes out!
  • I will look after your bad back, your chronic condition so you find more ease, function​ and vitality.  Need to go gently after illness or surgery?  I can help you to head back towards mind-body wholeness.
  • Maybe you have heard that Yoga helps peope with chronic pain conditions? I have specialised training in Yoga for Pain Care, for back pain and for  recovery after cancer treatment. I teach iRest Yoga Nidra meditation - a resource for wellbeing. My Pain Care students get results!

  • small group classes or individual therapy sessions for my personal caring attention

  • your capacity for self-reflection, feeling capable, content, and calm will blossom.  You will flourish!

  • after 18 years of teaching yoga, I still love it....Let's get going now!

  • Registered Yoga Australia Level 2, Pain Care Australia L1 , iRest Meditation practising teacher- constantly learning more so I can help you


        m: 0427 810 335 E: pam@vitalyoga.com.au                   Studio address: 30 Gledden st Chifley, ACT 




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