• Tapas has many forms



    Perhaps you have been attending a class for years... Perhaps you have not yet stepped into the studio but wonder could Yoga be what you need for boosting your wellbeing as you move towards 'mature age'...

    Private, personalized yoga could be the way to go –  yoga is an incredible practice for longevity and maintaining quality of life. And, I realize, there are plenty of people who are still wary of being in groups.  Personalizing teaching is such a benefit – I zero in on your individual needs as they change with the years.  And what other studio offers such a splendid view - lemon tree loaded with glistening jewel fruit, crab apple tree buzzing with busy bees, and grass so green it invites your bare toes! 
     Of course the teaching is key so I offer a couple of quotes from continuing students:

    What my students say:

    Yoga with Pam has improved my gait which was hampered by lymphedema and lipedema. Yoga movement and breathing helps my lymph to flow freely. It helps relieve my tight calf and hamstring muscles and has improved my leg strength. It has improved my cardio fitness and helped relieve chronic pain in my knees. Yoga has reduced my lower back pain and helped with the stress which accompanies chronic pain. Yoga is beneficial for my mental health and calms my nervous system. The strategies learnt can be used at any high stress time. Yoga has improved my life in many ways and is a key element of my wellness routine.

    Sheryl 2021


    I was super happy last night at Yoga. I feel like my body is remembering that I can do some of the Asanas without pain or discomfort.  As my physio has told me, my whole nervous system needs to be gently coaxed out of hyper-protective mode and reacting by switching my muscles into extreme tension.  With your help I am slowly, slowly retraining my nervous system and mind.  Thank you!

    Trish 2019


    I have been lucky enough to attend yoga classes with Pam for the last 8 years, firstly in the recovery class, then in a general class.  Pam has a deep knowledge of yoga as a philosophy and teaches us so much along with our yoga poses.  After each class I feel restored and refreshed in body,  mind and spirit.  A highlight of my week!

    Elizabeth 2019


    'Pam is both a pragmatic and an inspirational teacher, with a deep understanding of physiology. After doing her classes, I am far more flexible, strong and balanced, both physically and mentally. She has taught me valuable meditation skills, and after practicing meditation I am better able to stay calm in difficult situations, as well as being more aware of my life’s purpose.'

    Katie  2019

    • First think about becoming more grounded - get out of your head, and activate feet and legs and hips.  Walk barefoot and feel texture and touch through the soles of your feet.  The quality of earth is an attribute of the body.  Try a Warrior 2 with this awareness.
    • Next think about fluid movment - mobilise your joints and connections of fascia that link body parts and transmit information.  The element water is inside us everywhere.  Another Warrior 2 but in a flowing manner.
    • Then core strength and inspiration and empowerment - strengthen your inner fire.  Warrior 2 feels quite different from this standpoint!  This is not mechanical repetition but a difficult challenge!
    • The elements of air and ether are also within us  and we tap into those on our journey - our quest for greater self-knowledge, wisdom, clarity and love

    We can recruit different conscious approaches to our asana practice for a particular benefit and for deeper growth.  We can study the body, mind, senses and breath, and  our reactions to what we observe within.  This is an aspect of SVADHYAYA  or self-study.  After all, Yoga can be a mind practice.

    What happens when it all comes together!!  


    If you need help to devise your personal practice, I would love to guide you.  Organize a consultation with me to home in on your individual concerns.  A couple of sessions or an occasional top-up suits many people.
    E:   pam@vitalyoga.com.au


    'We are standing near the edge of our abilities, peeking out into a greater understanding, a bigger future, ready to learn something new.  '

    This week is the last week in Block 5.  Block 6  classes begin 8th November, after a break of one week.  Make sure you have secured your spot in group classes, and/or book in to arrange a 1:1 private class.

    I care about your wellbeing, and welcome you to vitalyoga.

    Our mailing address is:

    30 Gledden St

    Chifley, ACT 2606



  • Tune in to the frequency


    Fleeting glimpses? Or forgotten altogether?

    "Humanity has a clear opportunity and mandate to recognise the nature of reality, and to play in the world in a way that awakens the intuitive and psychic faculties. It is a play that results in harmony, ecstatic experience, deep empathy, and greater influence over one’s own fate. 

    As a culture, we have imposed on ourselves for a long time a sense of limitation, an ingrained amnesia of higher and subtler realities. Sometimes a fleeting glimpse is

    noticed - while sleeping, or out of the corner of the eye - but only half-remembered or forgotten altogether. 

    The process of remembering all of our forgotten or repressed parts requires an eerie kind of courage. It can be terribly exciting, like standing at the edge of the water and aching to jump in, but feeling unprepared. 

    It is this precise feeling of an exciting threshold that we must notice, even revere, to grow in a naturally joyful manner. It is the sign that we are standing near the edge of our abilities, peeking out into a greater understanding, a bigger future, ready to learn something new.  

    This era is a call to action. In this particular life, in this particular age of humankind, we can experience and live the realities that have been heretofore hidden from view.  (My emphasis).

    We have everything we need. Let’s go."

    The above exerpt is from a book by Josh Pryor, Yoga teacher in Newcastle,  called "The Spirit of the Matter".  It conveys the feeling of focus, excitement, combined with trepidation, of setting my Intention on enriching my connection to the inner self, of tuning in to my Higher Power. Here's another quote I love which inspired me to try to paint the 'the inner'.  Back in 2008, three Yoga teachers offered a workshop on 'Yoga and Creativity'. We were Ursula Huber, Nandhini Nagaratnam and I - the workshop and the sales of paintings were both wildly successful!  I wonder where my painting of 'the inner' is now?

    Ah, not to be cut off, not through the slightest partition
    shut out from the law of the stars.
    The inner - what is it?
    if not intensified sky,
    hurled through with birds and deep
    with the winds of homecoming.

    - Rainer Maria Rilke

    Durng this block of classes we will attune our practice to the sutra:
    Tapas, svadhyaya, ishvara pranidhana kriya yoga

    Kriya yoga centres around three practices, tapas - discipline and effort, svadhyaya( self-study), and ishvara pranidhana (surrender to a Higher Power). with these underpinning our practice we can change the ingrained samskaras, our conditioned habits, and forge improved mastery over body, mind and senses, decrease pain and find more mental clarity.  We will listen and feel into the subtle changes, and open our awareness to the showers of grace, the open sky of light and wisdom above.

    What are the challenges that sabotage your intention to practise?  Not the asanas or movements you find difficult, but the underlying issues, the negative self-talk, the stumbling blocks to a regular home Yoga practice.  Identify the issue, or seek help to identify it, and then come up with creative solutions.
    What excuses arise? What makes it difficult to do your practice? When you are practising, why is it hard?  Then come up with a creative solution for each challenge.
    Writing about this in your journal will be a big help.  And then remind yourself of the support your have - people & relationships, friendships, community that help you.

    A consistent regular Yoga practice is a sustainable one.  You will quickly make gains in the right direction, whether that’s towards mobility, strength, decreased stress, peace of mind and/or connecting to your deepest self, (all of the above?)  if you practise regularly. Be realistic about how long you plan to practice each day/each week. Set an achievable goal and stick to it.

    The key is regularity, rather than duration.

    Set a reminder, start the stop watch, just do it!

    Allow time for these powerful aspects of Yoga.  There are many possibilities: Practice as we do in class, focus on the flow of your breath, find a meditation App that suits you, or ask Pam to devise a personal Home Practice for your needs.  Don’t skimp here!  And of course the final relaxation to integrate the benefits.

    The time and effort you invest in your home practice = the benefits received.  It’s a Win/Win outcome.  When your home practice is tailored to suit your own needs on that day, over longer term you will build well-being and a steady responsive nervous system.  You will be able to maintain strength through the years, decrease pain, and your mental resilience will grow.  Your inner smile will spread!


    'We are standing near the edge of our abilities, peeking out into a greater understanding, a bigger future, ready to learn something new.  '

    I care about your wellbeing, and welcome you to vitalyoga.






















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  • Trees - a hot topic!

    My copy of Diggers Garden Club catalogue for Spring planting arrived in the post today.  I will drool a little, then calm down and choose carefully as planting space is at a premuim.    I do have a seedling Gingko biloba tree sheltered through our frosts.  Memo to self: time to prepare the site with compost!  And do more sneaky guerrilla gardening in our local reserve!


    ABC TV urged us all to vote for Australia's favourite tree, and after some thought I voted for Eucalyptus regnans, tall majestic Mountain Ash.  A drive through forrests in the cool mountainous parts of Victoria brings back memories of being in an ancient Gothic cathedral.  Uplifting, overwhelming grandeur, beauty and stillness - all in a forest.  And according to Wikiepedia,' Mature forests dominated by E. regnans have been found to store more carbon than any other forest known'.  Allround wonder of Nature!
    It takes time to realize the depth of asana practice.  Years sometimes... 

    Just like growing a tree.

    When we start, it's just scratching the surface: we place the feet just so, lengthen the spine, turn the head, inhale into the pose, and exhale, release.  A conative action that is a direct physical movement achieved after an impulse of the mind. Then we start to feel - in the skin, the ears, eyes, nose and tongue and our joints - all our organs of perception. Instantly the mind links to flesh and the perception of the sense organs and our recollection says 'What is this that I feel now which I did not feel before?'   The bridge to the the intellect lights up. Every part of us participates in self-study.  The innerself contemplates and observes and learns,  and we have reached the highest state of reflection in the asana.

    It becomes a spiritual practice, the stage of reflection  How does this make me feel?

    The Ancient Texts tell us that the body is comprised of three tiers, which themselves are composed of several dimensions.  The gross body corresponds to our physical sheath, the solid structure.

    The subtle body is made up of the phsiological sheath, the organs and systems, called  pranamaya kosa, plus the mental sheath - manomaya kosa, and the intellectual sheath vijnanamaya kosa.  We discern and analyse and plan with the mind, and learn, judge and choose with the intellect.
    The subtle body is not visible to us, but we certainly experience its effect. 

    The innermost body, the most subtle dimension on which all the others depend, is known as the causal body, The bliss layer - anandamaya kosa  or the innate spiritual dimension of joy.

    When all these dimensions come together in harmony, we are one.  We are Integrated.  A unity of the self in each and every cell, my breath, my spirit, when all the layers and aspects merge together in harmony,    A sense that our flow of awareness is not interruped, that we are in unity  - our cells, our mind, our spirits as one with all existence.

    I still remember 25 years ago, a new electric sensation,  a sense of wonder in a long held Trikonasana. I was participating in a class after work in the Blue Room In ANU Sport & Rec.  I want more of this Yoga!

     'When every cell  sings the song of the soul! That is Yoga ." 


    'As the essence of th tree is contained in the fruit, so too the essence of your Yoga practice is contained in its fruit of freedom, poise, peace and beatitude.'
    B.K.S. Iyengar

    So we keep practising!

    This Block of classes runs until15th September, follwed by a one week break.
    At present there is a vacant spot in the Tuesday Gentle Yoga for Recovery class 4.15 - 5.30pm.  Please contact me if you're interested.

    Private classes by individual arrangement.  Contact me re any special requirements. E: pam@vitalyoga.com.au


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