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    Perhaps you have been attending a class for years... Perhaps you have not yet stepped into the studio but wonder could Yoga be what you need for boosting your wellbeing as you move towards 'mature age'...

    Private, personalized yoga could be the way to go –  yoga is an incredible practice for longevity and maintaining quality of life. And, I realize, there are plenty of people who are still wary of being in groups.  Personalizing teaching is such a benefit – I zero in on your individual needs as they change with the years.  And what other studio offers such a splendid view - lemon tree loaded with glistening jewel fruit, crab apple tree buzzing with busy bees, and grass so green it invites your bare toes! 
     Of course the teaching is key so I offer a couple of quotes from continuing students:

    What my students say:

    Yoga with Pam has improved my gait which was hampered by lymphedema and lipedema. Yoga movement and breathing helps my lymph to flow freely. It helps relieve my tight calf and hamstring muscles and has improved my leg strength. It has improved my cardio fitness and helped relieve chronic pain in my knees. Yoga has reduced my lower back pain and helped with the stress which accompanies chronic pain. Yoga is beneficial for my mental health and calms my nervous system. The strategies learnt can be used at any high stress time. Yoga has improved my life in many ways and is a key element of my wellness routine.

    Sheryl 2021


    I was super happy last night at Yoga. I feel like my body is remembering that I can do some of the Asanas without pain or discomfort.  As my physio has told me, my whole nervous system needs to be gently coaxed out of hyper-protective mode and reacting by switching my muscles into extreme tension.  With your help I am slowly, slowly retraining my nervous system and mind.  Thank you!

    Trish 2019


    I have been lucky enough to attend yoga classes with Pam for the last 8 years, firstly in the recovery class, then in a general class.  Pam has a deep knowledge of yoga as a philosophy and teaches us so much along with our yoga poses.  After each class I feel restored and refreshed in body,  mind and spirit.  A highlight of my week!

    Elizabeth 2019


    'Pam is both a pragmatic and an inspirational teacher, with a deep understanding of physiology. After doing her classes, I am far more flexible, strong and balanced, both physically and mentally. She has taught me valuable meditation skills, and after practicing meditation I am better able to stay calm in difficult situations, as well as being more aware of my life’s purpose.'

    Katie  2019

    • First think about becoming more grounded - get out of your head, and activate feet and legs and hips.  Walk barefoot and feel texture and touch through the soles of your feet.  The quality of earth is an attribute of the body.  Try a Warrior 2 with this awareness.
    • Next think about fluid movment - mobilise your joints and connections of fascia that link body parts and transmit information.  The element water is inside us everywhere.  Another Warrior 2 but in a flowing manner.
    • Then core strength and inspiration and empowerment - strengthen your inner fire.  Warrior 2 feels quite different from this standpoint!  This is not mechanical repetition but a difficult challenge!
    • The elements of air and ether are also within us  and we tap into those on our journey - our quest for greater self-knowledge, wisdom, clarity and love

    We can recruit different conscious approaches to our asana practice for a particular benefit and for deeper growth.  We can study the body, mind, senses and breath, and  our reactions to what we observe within.  This is an aspect of SVADHYAYA  or self-study.  After all, Yoga can be a mind practice.

    What happens when it all comes together!!  


    If you need help to devise your personal practice, I would love to guide you.  Organize a consultation with me to home in on your individual concerns.  A couple of sessions or an occasional top-up suits many people.
    E:   pam@vitalyoga.com.au


    'We are standing near the edge of our abilities, peeking out into a greater understanding, a bigger future, ready to learn something new.  '

    This week is the last week in Block 5.  Block 6  classes begin 8th November, after a break of one week.  Make sure you have secured your spot in group classes, and/or book in to arrange a 1:1 private class.

    I care about your wellbeing, and welcome you to vitalyoga.

    Our mailing address is:

    30 Gledden St

    Chifley, ACT 2606




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