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I invite you to  Gentle Yoga for Recovery


Whatever your circumstances, you need safe and sensitive tools to help you manage your condition. You need a compassionate, understanding teacher who is well-trained and experienced -  Hello, that's me!  


My specialised classes help people who have been in pain for a lengthy period because they can retrain the brain's pain response through somatic (body) and cognitive (mind) practices.  Research shows that the brain's response to pain can change due to its capacity for neuroplasticity - good news for long term pain sufferers!


Good news too for rejuvenation after cancer treatment.

I have specialised training with Yoga for Pain Care Australia, Grad Dip Yoga for Back Care and post cancer treatment recovery, a good grounding in Anatomy & Physiology, a firm understanding of Ayurvedic health principles. Level 2 iRest Yoga Nidra, plus 15 years of experience teaching Recovery classes.  I'd love to help you too.

You will feel gently restored. The practices will safely guide you back towards mobility and confidence - confidence in managing your own well-being again. We move softly with awareness to regain ease and comfort. We breathe well and enjoy deep peaceful relaxation - an oasis of calm in your week.  We find connection to the Inner Self


Blissful bonus - my studio has under-floor heating!

Research shows that yoga assists with a wide range of persisting pain conditions.   We believe the changes in pain are multifaceted, and the influence derives through many of these: movement, breathing, awareness practices, chanting, self-regulation practices, mindfulness, self-exploration and relfection, contentment, discipline, social engagement and rituals.


Book in for a private consultation for initial assessment of your own needs and goals.  Then either group classes or private sessions may suit you best for wellbeing.  For some people, just a couple of private classes create a significant change.  It's very individual of course.




















Venue: vitalyoga studio 30 Gledden St Chifley   Classes begin on 25th June 2024



 Fee: $90 per 4 week block. 


Or choose private sessions for individual attention at times to suit.  After an initial private assessment you may be able to join the group.

FEES:Initial assessment $125.  Allow 1.5 hours.  Subsequent classes to follow up $88

Group classes: Book in for the Term. All payments by EFT


Contact Pam - I will send you a health questionnaire so you can tell me about your health and your goal for Yoga practice.





What vitalyoga  students say:



My student Helen Swan: What keeps you coming back?


My Yoga class is one time in my busy week when I can think about myself, so I  find the meditation time invaluable .  But I cannot imagine how the strength in my body would have deteriorated without our strengthening movements.



  I was super happy last night at Yoga. I feel like my body is remembering that I can do some of the Asanas without pain or discomfort.  As my physio has told me, my whole nervous system needs to be gently coaxed out of hyper protective mode and reacting by switching muscles into extreme tension.  With your help I am slowly, slowly retraining my nervous system and mind.  Thank you!

Trish O


From Jacqui King:

Yoga for Persistent Pain practice with Pam has taken me on a journey from constant anxiety about my pain to being relaxed, accepting and confident to move, to practice and live my life again.  The injury and pain are now just a feature of me - just like my hazel eyes and red hair



From Roni R:

What have I gained out of iRest and meditation? 

I have gained a safe space, a place I can go to when I am in pain physically and mentally that is personal to me. It is beautiful and calm. I can go to a place that distracts me from the pain. It may not get rid of all the pain but it is a safe haven. A place I never had. I have strategy I never had before. 


Breathing, Yes we all can breathe, but there are so many ways we can control our breathe to control our pain. I'm still learning this, and I'm eager to continue to help my body control pain through my breath. 


Journaling, I was always a big journalling girl. Ever since I was young. It was an escape for me. So it wasn't a big thing to pick up again. But it was a big help too. Sometimes I would come home after a session and fill up pages of words. Whether they made sense didn't matter. It was just a brain dump! It felt good. 


Boundaries, I have courage to set clear boundaries. Something I never did before. It took a long time to accept I need to be number one. As a mother and a wife. Putting yourself first is one of the hardest things I have done. But I have finally accepted this is what I have to do. Boundaries with people also. This was hard as I'm a yes girl. I Had to stop that. It was making me more sick. The days of supergirl are over! 


I am getting there slowly through iRest and Pam's help. Again, it is not easy and it has taken time. But for me it's worth it. My mind is more at ease. This has been an important therapy for me. And I am grateful I found Pam to guide me and hopefully I will continue to get stronger week by week. 









I found it enormously helpful.  I have, my

doctor thinks, a pinched nerve which causes pain in the groin and

down my right leg.  It is more than annoying – it is painful and makes

me feel my body is falling apart.  But the floor sequence of gentle

movements today were really fantastic.  They got that leg moving and

lessened the pain.  Liz M


From student Sue D : I love the way yoga energises me and makes me feel grateful for what I’m able to achieve. Regular attendance puts “normality” into my life and gives me the confidence to try most things in the non-threatening environment you provide.  Yoga has given me more stability, balance and flexibility which improves my walking. It has improved my core strength and prevented me getting abdominal hernias. The breathing techniques are wonderful and I find myself using them in moments of stress. I always leave the class feeling great and much more relaxed than when I arrived.

The women in the class are very friendly and I feel accepted by the group. Yoga also helps me to remain positive. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted into your class Pam. Thankyou.



My student Gina Callan : What have you found most helpful?


I am feeling positive, more flexible and also more challenged and productive with a variety of breaths and movements that work all areas of the body and mind, while also appreciating Pam's options to modify, slow or even cease movements when my pain is prohibitive. The small class-size and warm studio really do allow me to focus better, ask questions and be informed too.  I feel that I am becoming kinder to myself.




30 Gledden Street, ACT    Tel: (02) 6281 0335    Email:
Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

30 Gledden Street, ACT    Tel: (02) 6281 0335    Email:
Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

30 Gledden Street, ACT    Tel: (02) 6281 0335    Email:
Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

30 Gledden Street, ACT    Tel: (02) 6281 0335    Email:
Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.


Are you are recovering after serious illness, cancer treatment or joint replacement?

 Feeling flat, disconnected, depleted, stiff and anxious? 

Are you looking for more vitality, or concerned about losing strength in your mature years?


The group class Yoga to Soothe the Nervous SystemGentle Yoga for Recovery may be perfect for you


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