Hints and Tips

Practise a little and often - it is more beneficial than a lot occasionally.

Arrive hydrated. Herbal tea or water is fine.

Practise on an empty stomach; allow three hours after a meal, one hour after a light snack, coffee or black tea just before practice may disturb the stomach and nerves.

Focus attention within your body.

Let your breath guide the movements.

If you have injuries, work with sensitivity in the postures affecting the injured part.

Wear loose clothing that does not restrict your movement, and no jewellery or perfume.

Work with caution and build up heat in the muscles, using a sustained breath.

You need to be hot to stretch.

Generating a little sweat is healthy for you.

Practise with patience and an open heart.

Leave your doubts or fears, ambition or pride to one side.

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"Gentle Seated Yoga"

Recovery practices after illness or injury

Yoga is a powerful tool for recovery after illness or injury. Even very gentle practices, when combined with awareness and focus on the breath, can help us regain mobility, energy and peace of mind.
"Gentle Seated Yoga" offers any person who can breathe a way forward towards better health. No previous experience of yoga is needed. "Gentle Seated Yoga" ebook contains 15 pages of postures and breath work, illustrated by photographs.We smooth out the detours of past surgery, enliven the dullness of low energy. We bring the mind towards inner peace, a positive outlook and a healthier life.

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